Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall is Here

We ran into Aissa's first babysitter, Jillian downtown a few weeks ago. Needless to say, she misses her! 

 We love you, Jilly!
 Sara and I had a "Midwest Meet-Up" in Chicago last month and had a great time!
 Getting ready to go out and about on a beautiful fall morning...
 I love this photo...but, then again, I'm biased....but look at those braids
 Daddy and Aissa making breakfast
 She just graduated from the high chair to a real chair at the table

 And, of course, our outings in the fall include Hawkeye Football Games! Iowa v. Northwestern was the Black and Gold Game...everyone got the memo!

The crowd also did a few "card stunts" for the America Needs Farmers Campaign. It looked awesome! 


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Sally HP said...

Those card stunts are awesome!!! I love the photos of Aissa, and what a big girl sitting at the table with you! I love that. Kyle looks great, and I had SO much fun with you in the Windy City...we definitely need to plan a spring meet-up!