Sunday, February 6, 2011

Building Blocks!

Granny and Grandpa sent Aissa a set of wooden blocks for her birthday--she started building right away!
 Papa watched over as she built and re-built
 We are all amazed at how patient and steady she is when building a tower!
Thank you, Granny and Grandpa!

Snow Day Fairy Tales

Daddy took advantage of the snow day by reading fairy tales to Aissa (aka a brochure for a Mercedes-Benz SUV!)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

 Iowa City got 16" of snow last night, along with a blizzard to mix it up!
 The university closed, and Kyle couldn't get out of the driveway for work...Snow Day!

Still waiting for the snow removal service and city plows...good thing we have groceries and coffee in the house!


 Aissa is Two!
 Complete with a #2 cake of course
 Over the moon for his big girl
 Jillian (on the right) is Aissa's babysitter and part of the family! Her sister, Jamie, is on the left
 Sara, you were right: Kids don't need organized activities--they just played!
 Her new magic wand from the neighbor kids
 Pink Schwinn Roadster Trike
 Mommy's birthday girl, sporting her first dress-up costume
Guest of he thinks.