Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday in Iowa City

Daddy was a "spotter" on the playground at the Ped Mall today. It was a beautiful Saturday!

Big Hawkeye...Little Hawkeye

"Mom, Dad, you guys go on ahead...I'll take the bus home!"

Passing the time on the car ride downtown

What's not to smile about when you're 1?

Our friend Tammy is out of control when it comes to buying cute things for Aissa...and this "Welcome Spring" floral headband was no exception!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


"You'd be smiling too if you just tried on your first pair of sandals!"
Aissa had three opportunities to hunt eggs this spring...first time was a bit overwhelming (and cold!) but she won a free ice cream cone!
Next, some other moms from our street and I had an impromptu hunt at Happy Hollow Park. The two kids to her left and the three to her right all live on our block. Peyton, the oldest standing with her pink headband, is the "informer" and keeps all the moms apprised of what's happening on the jungle gym!

Checking on her stash
Making a game plan with the neighbors
Yeah, she was "that kid" who spent more time with the bucket on her head than hunting for eggs. That's my girl!

Finally, on Easter morning, she got the hang of it in our front yard

"Um, Daddy, Mommy would prefer if you wait for her to be in her Easter finest--not her pajamas--before snapping photos!"
Cooper checks out Aissa's loot

Aaaaand, no matter what holiday we celebrate, her favorite book is still "Reindeer Run," a present from Aunt Mandy!