Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Snapshots

It's been an eventful Summer at the Erkel house!

Aissa gets outside and enjoys some sun in her swimwear, splashing (and taking drinks from) her pool
Then she takes time to just lounge on the is Summer vacation, after all!

We took a day trip to the Field of Dreams movie site in June. For Iowans, this is a sort of "Mecca" where you have to take your kids and play a game of catch!

The corn was just starting to grow...

First piggy-back ride in the Field of Dreams with Daddy

Aissa also discovered that you can not only eat with food, but also use it as a hair accessory. Bananas!

She is also fascinated by Cooper's mealtimes. You can imagine how thrilled he is to have company for dinner...
Sara sent Aissa a couple of beautiful Italian linen summer outfits from a friend whose girls outgrew them...Bello!

Cousin Jessie is in Iowa and was kind enough to share her iPod with Aissa for car rides around town!
We also celebrated Kyle's big 4-0 in June
I threw a party with friends and family, complete with a Jamake's Cake (same baker that made our wedding cupcakes). YUM!

We visit Jessie and Aissa lifts her spirits, I'm sure....
She's always happy after devouring whatever treats we bring along!