Sunday, October 3, 2010

A 100 Day Journey

I have taken photographs of my niece Jessie over the past four months as she completes a 106-day drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. I am struck by the change she has undergone! She graduates from rehab on Thursday and then I will pass the baton back to the family in Oregon.
June 5, 2010: Day One, "coming down"
June 27th: First visit with Jessie in rehab
Aissa missed cousin Jessie already...
July 14: 21 Days at ASAC
57 Days Clean: Celebrating at Olive Garden
August 15th: 72 Days clean and celebrating her 17th Birthday
Almost 90 days clean and doing "normal, sober stuff" with the family
96 Days

Day 100: Learning to find joy in the little things again

Day 101: Ready to go home

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Sally HP said...

Oh my gosh..I'm just sitting here crying. She looks like Jessie again! I will you get you the letter asap.