Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Feeling domestic one afternoon, I decided to hang a spring wreath on our front door...
Apparently, someone else was feeling domestic too...namely, a Robin who decided to make my wreath her home!
We heard tapping on our front door for a few days and couldn't figure out what it was and then one night I came home through the front door and found this new home! Sadly, we had to take it down because Mama Bird got spooked every time we opened the door.
Kyle's turn on the early shift with Aissa..."Big Erk" is not a morning person!
One of her favorite pastimes is getting out every book she owns and then laying on the floor reading (and also watching Nick Jr.)

Waiting in the Dr.'s office for her 15 month check-up

Like mother, like daughter...

Cooper has reached what we call the "acceptance" stage of living with a toddler.
Aissa's newest obsession is scarves...never too young to accessorize! She goes straight to Grandma Joyce's dresser when she goes downstairs and comes up adorned with the latest fashion!


Sally HP said...

She is just so beautiful, Sherri! I'm also stoked she loves scarves, because I was about to goodwill my they're going into the 'un-birthday' box. It's almost full now :)

Sharri said...

Love the new pics E!!!