Thursday, February 4, 2010

Out and About!

Here's a random assortment of "out and about" photos with Aissa
Aissa at the Train Table at Barnes and Noble bookstore
On her way to 1-year check-up with Daddy
Wearing her new "big girl" coat!
She doesn't realize she's standing on her own!
Baby's got a new pair of shoes!


That Girl said...

The shoes! The shoes! I wouldn't expect anything less on your daughter's feet!

Sharri said...

She's standing!! And in her beautiful new shoes!! I looooove those!! xooxoo

Mackey said...

Freakin awesome! Love the shoes. Love that she's standing. Love that she brings such joy to you! Let her know that Aunt stina will send her some sports socks soon! LOL!

Sally HP said...

I love her so much! Her and Charlie will have so much fun in May! (As long as Charlie gets over his BullRamos phase :)) She's gonna be walking so soon! Love the shoes, love the coat, love her!