Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Aissa's First Party

I think Aissa heard there was a party in her honor planned for February 1st and just didn't want to miss it! She came to her baby shower and was showered indeed! We had a great time and received so many gifts, we are overwhelmed with our friends' generosity. And Maura is one fantastic host!
Maura was the host and went over the top with decorations, a fabulous catered lunch, mimosas, fun handmade party favors ("Aissa" chocolate bars), and this cake, made by the same baker that made our wedding cakes. Yum!

All of the women in my program have been wonderful, showering our family with food, gifts, and support. Katie, Megan, and Tricia wait their turn for cake. Katie made the beautiful "Aissa" sign that hung in the doorway.
Kelly Vaughn gets her baby fix! Her husband Andrew works with Kyle and we are all good friends.

My friends Kathy, Lindsey, and Georgianna. Georgianna and Kathy are in the Student Affairs program and Lindsey's husband Mike is also in our program.

Ashley is my research partner for our program assistantship. She went on a shopping spree for Aissa's clothing!

Mommy's guest of honor.

Cooper rests on the spoils of the party! She received so many adorable outfits, blankets and toys--we are set!

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